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I Wish The World Was a Paper Plane

Nominated for

Best Directing

Directed by

Camille Bildsøe

66' • Denmark • 2021

An experiment in empathy and tolerance brings young participants from Syria and Denmark to a new understanding of themselves and each other. In the summer of 2019, a group of youths from Syria, Turkey, England and Denmark meet up for a two-week theatre workshop in Antalya. Here, they are given the task of staging human rights in a collective performance. First, they must agree on how to interpret the rights, both artistically and politically – and then it suddenly makes a difference if you come from Syria or Denmark, even if you are not aware of it yourself. The director Camille Bildsøe observes with an attentive presence how empathy and tolerance come about during the process. And, not least, how both can make an active difference in the real world.

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