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Stuck Together

Nominated for

Best Experimental Doc

Directed by

6' • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia •

The idea of my film Stuck Together deals with the global subject of the migrant crisis referring, above all, to the xenophobia and panic rhetoric present in all mainstream media which, simultaneously, serves as a defence of the so-called imperialistic politics of the great powers. The idea is to try and expose this discourse, whereas to perceive the present migrations in a historic and globally political context realized through a concrete artistic practice. With that, we will get a more complete picture of this problem and will obviously open a lot of questions but we will also call for possible solutions. Through my creative investigation in my experimental film Stuck Together, and at the same time using a strong visual aesthetics, these twenty silent participants placed and stuck in a symbolical space – a glass cube placed in an open area, I refer to the global actual issue, and the life and destiny of migrants and homeless people, whereas, through their sad destinies, I reflect the picture of the present society. Actually, through their non-verbal gesticulations, mimes and lost eye-sights, there are different dimensions of attitudes and question that intersect with each other, of past and present, the relation of centre and periphery, all aspects of movements and travel, migrations and exile, but also establishing new standards in communication of contemporary local, regional and European dimensions in a time where reading new constellations and ideologies from the past is needed due to the new establishment in the multipolar new world.

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