You Can't Take It With You

Nominated for

Best Experimental Doc

Directed by

Paul Sanchez

29' • United States • 2020

On Feb 28th 2020, two weeks before a shelter in place order was signed and social distancing was a requirement, my father died in his home at the age of 91(Issues not related to COVID-19). Under the new order and without access to a cast or crew, I decided to shoot and reenact my effort to sort through my father’s many belongings and the job and responsibility of closing down his life and home. I was left with the task of preparing his apartment for sale, storing his cremated remains and mourning a man I wasn't sure I would miss. While wandering in the apartment I found a tape recording of my father describing what he left behind. The stories that accompany them are the hints at secrets that are now forever gone or are they?