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Our Sea of Waste

Nominated for Best Environmental Doc

Directors: Morade Azzouz & Anca Ulea

26' • France • 2020


The Mediterranean is Europe’s most polluted sea, with some 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste entering its waters every year. As more disposable masks and gloves wash out to sea due to the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals are taking action to find permanent solutions up the supply chain. In France, we meet some of the people on the frontlines.

Director's Bio:
Anca Ulea is a Romanian-American journalist who has been based in France for 5 years. After studying documentary film at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, she joined the international newsrooms of Reuters and France 24 in Paris. She is currently developing a production company to tell meaningful long-form stories around the world. Morade Azzouz is a French cameraman, director and journalist. Trained in International Journalism at London's City University, he's spent more than a decade covering top stories across Europe for outlets including Reuters and Al Jazeera English. He's recently made the shift to documentary filmmaking with his company Manya Productions.

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