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Pavement Party (Stoepfeestje)

Nominated for Best Foreign Documentary

Director: Hugo Drechsler

15' • Netherlands • 2020


Master Stu' is a Surinamese folk singer living in the Netherlands. His wife Patrice acts as his songwriter and manager. Since the Corona measures, streets are empty and all of his gigs have been cancelled. Stu and Patrice come up with an alternative: free 'pavement parties' for the isolated elderly. Meanwhile, Stu's new music video needs to be recorded under social distancing: "One and a half meter, is the new normal".

Writer: Hugo Drechsler

Producer: Joey Jansen & Storm Rechsteiner

Cinematography: Hugo van Roosmalen
Editing: Nola Zeegers

Cast: Carlo Stuger & Patrice Oudejans

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