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Precious Bundle

Nominated for Best Short Documentary

Director: Kim Angelica Head

12' • United Kingdom • 2020


A daughter tries to mend her fractured relationship with her father and in doing so finds that his attitudes and behaviors create more complications than she had anticipated. Using an intriguing mix of interviews, punctuated by heart-breaking stop-motion animation, we delve in to family mythology and the push and pull of family dynamics.

Writer: Kim Angelica Head

Producer: Emma Davies

Cast: Jyrki Heiskanen, Jukka Holopainen, Anna Vuorio, Hanna Hoikkala & Risto Lehto

Director's Bio:
My name is Kim, I am a director from Brighton. I got my BA in Film and Drama in London from Roehampton University and a Distinction with my MA in Film Directing from the University of Edinburgh. Before attaining my MA qualification. I also made a series of short films with the Brighton Filmmakers Coalition, I did well in competitions in this group and then moved towards making something totally independently. The resulting short experimental documentary got in to the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, STIFF and AFC Global Fest. Since achieving my MA my most recent goal is to share my newest film at more prestigious film festivals.

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