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Rare Creatures

Nominated for Best Scottish Prod

Director: Cameron Nicoll

20' • United Kingdom • 2020


It may be hard to believe that the wild coastline of Kintyre, Scotland, is home to mysterious cat-like beasts, but a few lucky individuals know exactly what they saw. Ralph, a local artist, is one of those who have encountered the strange animal. He lives a life isolated from society, and 'Rare Creatures' explores his unique and fantastical relationship to the natural (or supernatural) world.

Producer: Cameron Nicoll

Editor: Cameron Nicoll Cinematography: Cameron Nicoll, Connor Bardsley-Hodgkiess Music composed by: Jack Guariento Sound Recording: Connor Bardsley-Hodgkiess Associate Producer: Connor Bardsley-Hodgkiess Sound Mixing: Nicky Green

Director's Bio: Cameron Nicoll is a documentary filmmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland. Through his personal style of filmmaking he looks to explore uncanny moments in our everyday lives, opening a dialogue between us and our environments.

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